lunes, 2 de noviembre de 2015

Why I want to join to Toptal?

For the past 5 years, I have been working on different projects with different programming languages and I enjoy every single project I did in this time.

I had the chance to work with smart people since 2012 when I started to work at with Keith Toh a brilliant engineer from Stanford. He challenges me with every single task and I always tried to accomplish his expectations. In the months I have been working here, I always did my best to meet deadlines and build a good product.

After I had another great opportunity to work building a real-time application using Django and the python implementation of This was an amazing experience because was my first time as a Lead Developer and Architect for the whole project. This time, the project don't end well because all the team leaves the company before to finish the product, mainly by internal problems in the company. But this was a great lesson for me as a professional and as a leader.

Few months later, I receive an awesome opportunity from to switch from Python and Django to work as a Full Stack Ruby on Rails developer. I always wished to make this change and I thought this could be funny and also challenging because I had to learn a new framework, new tools and also, be productive in 1 week. I have to admit that the first 2 months were the hardest work I ever did mainly because I used all my free time studying Ruby and Rails. I invested a lot of money in courses, books, and a lot of hours reading blogs and articles about Test Driven Development, Rspec, Unit Test with Ruby, etc. In the end was awesome, because, after a year, I was a good developer using ruby and rails.

After leaves Ginza metrics this year, I have been working in few different projects like which is a call center platform that I built from scratch using Django, Twilio, and other tools. Also, working as a part of team. 

I really enjoyed this last project, because gave me the chance to work in an interesting idea. I have to admit, I fell in love when I knew the project and that is the reason because I started to study Swift and mobile development because I want to make the best application for

Finally, this year I received an invitation to an interview from and they invited me to know his headquarters in Seattle. Sadly they don't give me the job at the end of the process, but the experience was so amazing.

The reason because I want to join to Toptal team is because I am good, I have been working hard in the past years and because I love to play hard and work harder and always do my best in all and for that I think I deserve work with the best developers and Toptal have many awesome developers.

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